Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find the My Photo Book Editor and stored files on my PC?

These are stored by default in the following directory: C:/My Documents/Folder name you gave the book unless you defined another path during the installation procedure. There will be a .pdf file with the same name. To open the photo book, go into the software and click on open photo book and then click on the Red Fuji Logo.pdf file.

How do I remove a project once it has been printed and I have finished with it?

  1. Close the My PhotoBook Editor
  2. Go to the My Documents folder and delete the folder with the images and the red logo file .pdf file.
  3. Now click on Recycle bin and clear the recycle bin.

When editing my pictures in the My Photo Book Editor, do I damage the original files?

No, the program copies every picture that you drag from your picture archive leaving your original untouched.

When I edit my picture it does not improve. How is that possible?

The program can bring out the best in your photos, but it cannot work magic. Picture quality cannot be improved and a hazy picture cannot be made sharper although you can make minor enhancements to the contrast and brightness of your pictures. A picture that looks good on the screen will generally also printed well. If in doubt, we advise you to choose another picture.

Is it possible to change a background once I have started to create my projects?

To use an image as a background, you have to finish the layout of your page first. Make sure the image you want to use on the background is big enough to cover the page. Now drag the image onto the page into a white area. Now using the grab handles, stretch the image to cover the page and the bleed area. Now double click on the image to edit and then move it around where you want it using the moving arrow on the left. When you are done, right click on the image and say send to back. The image will now sit behind the images on the page layout.  You can also click on Background on the left and select one of the many backgrounds in the software.

Is it possible to use a image as a background across a double spread?

You can use an image across a double spread if the image quality is good enough by clicking on Edit at the bottom of the page and then you click on Connect pages. You will now be able to use the image across both pages and all the editing capabilities will be active.

Is it possible to change a double-sided layout position once I have started to create my projects?

To change a double sided layout position, you click on the top image film strip and then click on the page you want to move. While holding down the click move the page to in between the pages where you want to move it and then let go of the click. The page will now move to where you chose.

Is it possible to change a single-sided layout and position once I have started to create my projects?

Unfortunately you can only clear the whole page design and restart you design. You can also only move double pages around. If you want to clear the whole page design, click on Edit at the bottom of the page and click on Clear content on the left or right

Is there anything I am not suppose to do when I am working in a Photo book?

When you save your photo book, the software will create a folder in My Documents with the images and a ‘pbf file with the same name also in My Documents. The images in the folder will be renamed according to the position they are used in the book. Their size will also be adapted to the image size needed in the page layout you chose. The ‘pbf file contains the photo book info, text, cover and page layout info. The software will remember the path from the new folder it creates to the original images where they are stored on your hard drive. Please don not move the original images, the new folder with the images or the ‘pbf file around after you have started your book design.

Will the dotted line of a text or picture box be printed when I have not placed any text or pictures in it?

No, nothing will be printed on the background if you have not dragged a picture into a picture box or placed text in a text box.

How does the ‘cut out’ function work?

When you drag a thumbnail over to the project page, your picture appears in the edit box and a frame is shown superimposed over it. This frame has the same aspect ratio as the picture frame on the tab page. You can move the frame over your picture by dragging it with your mouse. You can also make the frame larger or smaller by holding your mouse over the bar at the bottom of the frame and then using the arrows to resize it.

When you are happy with the position and size of the frame, click Apply. Make any adjustments to the colour, brightness, and contrast and then click OK to save your changes for that picture.

How do I use the caption editor?

Double-click in a text box to bring up the ‘Edit caption’ box. The cursor shows you the window where you type your caption. You can change the colour of the caption by selecting a colour from the colour drop down menu. You can also change the size of the caption text, the font and the alignment using the relevant drop down menus. While you have this screen open, you can also open a word document if you are using a lot of text, do the typing and spell check in word and the copy it from word and paste into the text editor area. You will now just have to do your sentence and paragraph splits.

Has this answered your query?

If not, please email Ann for further help, if you have an order number please keep this close as you will need this when dealing with Ann.


Technical & General enquiries:
Ann Rudd
Tell: 010 730 0206
Email: ann.groenewald@fujifilm.com

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